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Hey! I'm Porsh, Well Portia if you want to get technical.

Since 2019 I have been practicing makeup on clients. Centered in Adelaide after moving from Mount Gambier, I offer professional and personalized service and inspiration to all my clients. I have a modern approach to beauty, and listen to each client to make sure they get what they came in for and so much more.

I specialize in heavy glamour looks training online and in person with P.Louise Makeup Academy, UK as well as always attending masterclasses to further improve my skills, fully qualified.

I am currently studying a 12m bridal course with P.Louise to refine my skills in every aspect of the beauty industry i am excited and passionate about.

I have also recently completed my cosmetic tattooing course in Brisbane under Jessika Brigginshaw from Brow Squad. I am qualified to provide cosmetic tattooing services such as lip blush, tint, and lipstick as well as powder, ombre brows I call this a designer brow, as i will personally map your brows to your face shape to the millimeter and the style of the tattoo will be based around your desired outcome.

I can offer you looks from Pinterest you can only dream of creating.

Get ready to look and feel stunning.

ABN: 33 149 151 294

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